Arrival: A New Film by the Coastal Crew – Making of Ep. 1 Watch Now

The Coastal Crew and Anthill Films are excited to announce a new production from Secondbase Films – ARRIVAL.

Step into our world, as we bring you a raw look at the talents of the next wave of riders and photographers. Come face to face with our diverse styles as we take on new lines and new places. ARRIVAL is all about what is happening now.

Presented by Rock Shox, in Association with Specialized, Clif Bar and, and with support from Trek, Whistler Mountain Bike Park and Devinci, ARRIVAL will bring viewers into the reality of a new generation of freeriders and racers. Starring Stevie Smith, Logan Peat, Mitch Ropelato, Ryan Howard, Matty Miles, Kyle Norbraten, Dylan Dunkerton and Curtis Robinson. Written, directed and edited by the Coastal Crew, ARRIVAL also features the talents of a new breed of mountain bike filmmakers and photographers – including Nic Genovese, Matt Miles, Matt Dennison and Haruki “Harookz” Negochi.

Available on BluRay + DVD combo pack and iTunes Fall 2013.

Over the next couple of months, and Nic Genovese will give you an inside look into what went into the making of each segment through the six-part web series – The Making of Arrival, presented by Rock Shox. We are stoked to share the first episode with you now. Enjoy!

To learn more about the film – View Arrival Now

The Making of ARRIVAL: Episode 1 Retallack

Retallack was our first shoot for Arrival. Evan Schwartz, along with Joyride’s Paddy Kaye, had been hard at work building a trail full of flowy airs and big turns up in the alpine. After lining up the dates with Evan, and with the autumn forecast looking good, we were ready to head south to begin filming. Unfortunately, the day before we were ready to leave, we got a call from Evan with bad news: he had hurt his knee while testing the new jumps (we would later learn that the same jump Evan hurt himself on must have had a curse). The window of opportunity to shoot this line was very small because winter was just around the corner, so with Evan out, all of our heads turned to Matty Miles.


Once at the lodge, we got our feet wet exploring all the freshly built features and trail to make a game plan for where to start. Nothing came easy on this trip though. We battled weather, which threw lightening, hail, rain and heavy wind at us. In the end, it worked out and provided optimal trail conditions once the light cracked for us. Matty threw down and shredded the trails giving no mercy to the loam or his wheels.

Matty shredding

On our final evening of filming the remote alpine jump line, we were given a clear sky and golden sun to work with. As we worked our way down the line, banking nugs on every feature, disaster struck right before we moved onto the final hip. While the whole film crew was down below, and Matty was at the top of the drop in, another rider found themselves on the line Matty was riding. With no warning or knowledge of that person being there, Matty dropped in. As he hit the first high speed air, that person was right on the landing, resulting in Matty crashing–hard. This was the same jump that took Evan out (hence, being cursed).

blood and dirt

The damage totaled up to a dislocated broken elbow, broken hand, severed index finger tendons, and a beaten body. But like a professional, Matty kept calm and composed (at least as much as he could through the pain), throughout the ordeal and on the way to the hospital in Kamloops. Fortunately, Matty is a tough kid and has made a full recovery. He has a style like no one else and it shows in his banger segment.

A huge thanks to Phil Pinfold up at Retallack Lodge for all of his hospitality!

Retallack Alpine