Arrival: Making of Episode 3 – Ouro Preto

In Episode Two of this series, we took to you Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with Stevie Smith. In episode three, we met up with Bernardo Cruz in his hometown of Ouro Preto.

bernardo cruz

The journey from Rio de Janeiro to Ouro Preto was nothing short of amazing. The scenic drive left us awestruck as we made our way through winding mountain passes that turned from dense jungles to rolling hills. Just as the sun was beginning to set, we arrived at Bernardo’s trails to meet with him and we got straight to building.

Stevie and Bernardo - Photo by Harookz

Bernardo is well known for his natural ability to get his bike sideways like no other. We had seen a few photos of his home trails, including a massive jump line he had built; needless to say, we were excited to witness him and Stevie throw down in the air. The scene was incredible: rolling green hills, golden sun, booter tables, and to top it off, Stevie and Bernardo getting rad.

Stevie and Bernardo shredding

As we wrapped up our last night in Ouro Preto, we had the chance to visit Bernardo’s parents and family. After seeing how tight-knit and supportive Bernardo’s family was, it was clear how he had become such a positive, hard working, and driven athlete. He is fortunate to live in a household full of happy people, and with trails right out the back door.

Photo by Harookz

On that positive note, we left Ouro Preto and headed back to Rio for a few more days to complete some unfinished lines and capture a few more shots. The journey to Brazil will go down in history as the most memorable trip any of us have ever been on, but after achieving everything we set out to do, it was time to head back home.

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