Video – The Making of Arrival Episode 4: Lillooet

The interior regions of British Columbia offer a ton of potential amongst the dirt exposed rolling hills. When you look out at a hillside and can imagine riding almost anywhere you want with minimal groundwork, you know you’re in a good place. The trouble is that most of these spots are in the middle of nowhere and far from any civilization.

The rigs

Most of the adventure lies within the whole camping experience that comes with working in these outback locations. The majority of time is spent either building lines, or waiting for optimal conditions in the best light to shoot in. That time spent waiting is our downtime, but there are always a bunch of antics and activities that go on to pass the time in the heat of the day. With a fairly big crew, we have no trouble entertaining each other.

Coastal Crew Lillooet

Before dropping into any of the zones a fair bit of pre-scouting was done to determine the best zones to tap in to. One zone in particular was a red dirt playground of natural mounds that were waiting to be shaped into multi-hit flowing trails. It was a no-brainer to work in this zone. It produced many of the segment’s best shots thanks to a storm of dark clouds that rolled in while the sun was setting on the opposing side of the valley.

Lillooet Landscape

Filming this segment was split into multiple trips to make all the goals come together. The first main trip consumed two weeks of our lives and left us exhausted and salty from living like cavemen. We bagged most of the segment but left a few lines on the table that we couldn’t physically–or mentally–complete, to say the least. The last and final trip was a major relief in many ways. Norbs stomped the line he had been wanting, and the segment was wrapped up. From there, it was a great feeling of accomplishment by the crew for sticking it out in harsh conditions in order to produce the best shots we could capture.

Dylan getting the shot

Special thanks to our farmer pal in Lillooet for providing us with accommodation during our stay.

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